Missed a sermon? Interested in what we're reading? Want to explore some quality content online?

We've created this page to provide our guests & members with access to recent sermons preached at Adoration, introductory level book recommendations, and a smorgasbord of articles and websites. It's far from comprehensive but hopefully it's a taste of the teaching you might come to expect at Adoration. 


Twice each Sunday we are fed by the Word of God through the preaching of the Holy Scriptures. All of our recent sermons are available online at Sermon Audio
Using Sermon Audio, you can subscribe to our sermon podcast to stay up-to-date with our sermon series. 

In the last few years we have gone through the books of Hebrews, Genesis, 1 & 2 Thessalonians, and Exodus in our morning services. We believe there is great value in preaching through an entire book of the Bible in a sermon series. This approach offers our congregation an exciting opportunity to study a section of scripture in considerable detail and personal application. Our afternoon services regularly address the Bible's testimony on a variety of doctrines (teachings) as it is further articulated in our Creeds and Confessions. 



Are you interested in learning more about the Christian faith or the doctrines of the church? There is an abundance of reading material available for this very purpose. The printing press has been responsible for a proliferation of knowledge and access to the accumulated wisdom of writers and scholars of all centuries. Likewise, the internet has recently become a gateway to a vast universe of knowledge and barrier-free access to resources around the world. 

Though you have access to so much, sometimes you might just want to have a few resources recommended to you for fruitful study. Our former pastor has curated a beginner's collection of resources that are stimulating for believers, provoking for unbelievers, and upbuilding for all. Our prayer is that you would find them to be so. 

Please hear a word of caution: these resources are no substitute for vital communion in a local church for we are not to be cyber-ghosts who inhabit a digital world without connection to the material world, filling our minds with the words of people we've never met while avoiding fellowship with those who are next door to us. Let us grow together, in the flesh, as we share in one another's burdens and extend love to one another. 


Welcome to a Reformed Church by Rev. Daniel Hyde 

A great introduction to the distinctive characteristics of the Reformed tradition and the things which are emphasised in Reformed churches. 

The Creedal Imperative by Carl Trueman

A robust explanation of the Church's need for creeds & confessions in a post-modern environment that ignores the past and misses the valuable lessons learned by our forebears in the faith.

For the Love of God: A Daily Companion for Discovering the Riches of God's Word by D.A. Carson 

A valuable devotional resource that works through the Scriptures in a structured way while providing insights into the daily assigned readings. 

Jesus on Every Page by David Murray

A great resource for those who want to see more clearly how the Old Testament and New Testament tell one unified account of the mission of Jesus Christ to save sinners


"What is a Christian?" by Ian Hamilton 

Pastor Hamilton's thoughtful explanation of Romans 6:13 is a great way to learn or be refreshed in what it means to be a Christian. 

"A Church For Exiles" by Carl Trueman in First Things

Adoration is a Reformed Church and we believe that this is both a rich heritage and a solid foundation for the journey we are on in this earthly pilgrimage. This article does an excellent job of highlighting the factors in Reformed theology & piety that have particular resonance in this age we are living in.

"Preaching and Our Confessions" by Pastor Norm

We are a confessional church and you will hear our creeds & confessions cited, referred to, and upheld as faithful summaries of the Word of God. This article explains why we do this and what methods you will encounter when you attend worship services at Adoration.

"Why Our Church Switched to the ESV" by Kevin DeYoung

Adoration uses the English Standard Version (ESV) in our worship services and classroom instruction and Pastor DeYoung's article is a great explanation for our decision to adopt this translation of the Bible.

"Why You Should Read [Herman] Bavinck" by Derek Rishmawy

Herman Bavinck was an influential Dutch theologian who stands out as a scholar and student of the Scriptures. If you are interested in learning more about theology, let Derek Rishmawy's article inspire you to tackle the Reformed Dogmatics of Bavinck. 


An incredible amount of material is available online these days! We've collected a few sites that we would recommend for your continued instruction in the Word of God and the way it impacts the world that we live in. Please note that these resource pages are constantly changing and so we are not able to review them all on a regular basis. We do hope you find them useful. 

Biblical Counselling Resources