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What's going on at Adoration these days? We have seen the Lord blessing our congregation in so many little ways and in particular we can thank him for the blessing of church bible studies that are going well, the tight-knit cadet and Kingdom Seekers programs, and the resumption of our monthly potluck dinners. We have a congregational meeting coming up at which we can talk together about the financial aspects of maintaining a distinct presence as a Christian congregation in our community. We'll be having a Christmas program (you're welcome to attend!) in December and it will be yet another opportunity to see the many gifts that the Lord has given to our congregants in terms of music, poetry, and the public reading of Scripture.

If you're reading this and not yet a member of a Christian church or struggling to find a church where the Bible is sincerely believed and faithfully taught - or if you are seeking relationships with others because loneliness is a constant guest - please seek us out and join us on Sundays for worship services and through the week for various other activities!

New Members Welcome Packet (?)

What would you look for and like to have if you were to receive a new members welcome packet? 

This is a question that has many possible answers. As we try to reach out and bring many more people into our local congregation, we have a need to bring new members 'up to speed' with the way our congregation functions. Sometimes a welcome packet is used for this type of orientation and maybe you have some ideas for what should be included. 

If you do, post a comment below or email with your answers!

Our Pastor's Ordination Service

On April 10, 2013, we ordained our first pastor, Rev. Norman Van Eeden Petersman, and began the next chapter of our growth and development as a congregation. Pastor Norm began serving our congregation as a pastoral intern in December and was then extended a call as to serve our church as our pastor in February. 

Joining us in the ordination service were a number of pastors who participated in the ordination service including, from left to right, Rev. Rand Lankheet, Rev. Chris Gordon, Rev. Christo Heiberg, Rev. Ray Sikkema, Rev. John Bouwers, and Rev. Donald McClure. 

New in Town

August 26, 2012 - present

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On an incredibly hot day in August, the newly-established Adoration United Reformed Church met for the first time as a congregation of the Lord Jesus Christ. 35 families from a number of neighbouring churches decided to be a part of this new gathering. Our supporting churches that made this possible were Trinity United Reformed Church in St Catharines and Immanuel United Reformed Church in Jordan. 

Initially services were held in the gymnasium of the Vineland United Mennonite Church building but soon it was possible (and necessary) to meet in the main auditorium. 

Since that time the Lord has blessed our congregation with new members and a new pastor. We are continuing to grow and discover what it means to be witnesses of the risen Christ in Vineland. We invite you to join us!