Christ's Psalms, Our Psalms

I know I've shared this announcement/resource over on our Facebook page this past summer, but I thought I'd also post this here for anyone who may not be following our Facebook page. God bless!

"Christ’s Psalms, Our Psalms
Believers for centuries have loved the Psalms and many spend time meditating on them. The Psalms reflect many of our emotions and struggles but do we realize that each of them was given to also show us our Saviour Jesus Christ? We might think of Christ in reading Psalm 2, 22, 23 or 110, but do we see Him also in Psalms 3, 12, 93, 150 and all the rest? That’s the challenge that a group of Reformed pastors (CanRC and FRC Australia) took upon themselves in a new project called Christ’s Psalms, Our Psalms. They are putting the finishing touches on two books: a Study Resource to explain the gospel riches of every psalm and a daily Devotional to use in our homes. Local Pastor Peter Holtvlüwer is heading up the project and recently launched a new website to showcase this venture. Please check it out at and sign up to receive sample devotions directly to your inbox. Thank-you!"