Catechism, and the Use Thereof

Even as Catechism lessons came to a close for the season this past week, it’s important to keep in mind why the Catechism is so useful. The Catechism is a faithful summary of what we believe in God’s Word, and as a summary it can be used in particularly practical ways.

Tim Challies in his article Use Your Catechism, Silly shows how the Catechism can be used to quickly come to an answer to some controversial questions. The questions he uses as examples are these: “Is it wrong for human actors to portray God the Father and God the Holy Spirit? Furthermore, is it wrong for human actors to portray God the Son?”

Challies shows that by using the Catechism and the Bible together provides a practical way to answer those questions. But the point of the article isn’t that those specific questions are answered, the point Challies is making is that it can be applied to many other questions as well.

Let's not take the practicality of the Catechism for granted!