Adoration Men's Breakfast

All the men in the congregation are invited to the Men's Breakfast taking place on Saturday morning at 7:30am at the Bistro 41 Restaurant in Vineland. The Bistro has graciously offered to open up 30 minutes early so that we can meet together and hear from Mr. Groen on the theme of masculinity and the biblical meaning of it. 

Some of the questions we'll be considering together include:

1. Rick Phillips, the author of The Masculine Mandate, states that our times suffer from a crisis in leadership. Do you agree or disagree? How can Christian men provide one answer to the leadership crisis of our times?
2. Why is it so important that the husband lead the marriage and the home? What happens to a  wife when her husband won't lead? What happens to a man when he is not leading his home?
3. What is the difference between discipling and discipline? How are they related. Why are both absolutely needed in the Christian upbringing of children?
4. The author states that the chief reward of serving Christ is the sheer joy of serving Christ. Do you agree? Have you experienced this joy? What happens when our service to Jesus is motivated by other rewards? Why should serving Jesus Christ be such an overwhelming joy to us, even in hardship?
5. How can you begin practicing shepherd -leadership regardless of your lifesetting? What are the biggest changes this will require in your treatment of other people?

Interested? Contact Pastor Norm for more info. 

Photo courtesy of  Google Maps

Photo courtesy of Google Maps